Exploring AutoCAD LT and DWG FastView: A Comparison of 2D CAD Solutions

When it comes to working with 2D CAD drawings, professionals in fields such as architecture, engineering, and design rely on software that provides precise drafting capabilities, efficient viewing, and convenient collaboration. In this article, we will delve into two popular software options: AutoCAD LT and DWG FastView. AutoCAD LT, developed by Autodesk, is a well-established 2D drafting and documentation software, while DWG FastView, created by Gstarsoft, offers a lightweight solution for viewing, editing, and sharing DWG files. We will explore the features, differences, pricing, and suitability of these two tools, enabling you to make an informed choice for your CAD needs.

Exploring AutoCAD LT and DWG FastView: A Comparison of 2D CAD Solutions

What is AutoCAD LT?

AutoCAD LT: AutoCAD LT is a 2D drafting and documentation software developed by Autodesk. It is a lighter version of the full AutoCAD software and is specifically designed for creating and editing 2D drawings, technical illustrations, and documentation. AutoCAD LT offers essential tools for precise drafting work, such as creating geometric shapes, lines, arcs, and text, dimensioning, and annotating drawings. It is widely used by professionals in industries such as architecture, engineering, and design.

What is DWG FastView?

DWG FastView: DWG FastView is a lightweight and efficient software developed by Gstarsoft. It provides users with a quick and convenient way to view, edit, and share DWG files. DWG FastView is primarily designed for CAD professionals, architects, engineers, and designers who need to access and review 2D and 3D drawings. It offers a user-friendly interface, supports tools for measuring, marking up, and annotating drawings, and allows for smooth navigation and manipulation of DWG files. DWG FastView also supports file conversion to other formats, making it suitable for collaboration and sharing CAD designs.

What is the difference between DWG FastView and AutoCAD LT?

While both AutoCAD LT and DWG FastView serve the purpose of working with DWG files, there are notable differences between them. AutoCAD LT is a comprehensive 2D drafting software with a wide range of features and tools, including advanced dimensioning, precision drafting capabilities, and the ability to create detailed technical documentation. On the other hand, DWG FastView is a lightweight software focused on quick viewing, editing, and sharing of DWG files. It provides essential tools for measurement, annotation, and navigation but does not offer the extensive range of features found in AutoCAD LT.

How much do they cost?

As of now, the starting price for a monthly subscription of AutoCAD LT is approximately $60 per month. For an annual subscription, the cost ranges from around $485 per year and $1455 per 3 years, while DWG FastView only cost $4.99 per month and $50 per year depending on different countries and regions, even with the support of RVT 3D view feature, that is to say, the super membership, only cost $6.99 per month and $69.99 per year.

Which software is more suitable for most CAD users?

DWG FastView, with its lightweight and efficient approach, is well-suited for most common CAD users who primarily need to view, edit, and share DWG files. Its streamlined interface, essential tools, and convenient file conversion capabilities make it a practical choice for CAD professionals who prioritize quick access, collaboration, and mobility. AutoCAD LT, on the other hand, provides a more comprehensive set of 2D drafting tools and advanced features, making it the preferred choice for professionals who require extensive precision drafting capabilities and detailed technical documentation.

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