Exciting News: DWG FastView's New Customer Service Robot

We're thrilled to announce a major upgrade to our customer service at DWG FastView. To better manage the high volume of daily inquiries, we've partnered with WonderChat to introduce a customer service robot. This AI-powered solution is designed to handle the most common questions from our users, improving our service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Exciting News: DWG FastView's New Customer Service Robot

The entrance to the 24/7 customer service robot; look at the direction of white arrow! Click it and start chatting. It is very clever. Have a try!

DWG FastView is a versatile application used by nearly a million daily active users across PC, mobile, and web platforms. We understand the need for efficient and effective customer service, and that's where our new robot comes in.

Our robot, trained and optimized by WonderChat, is available 24/7, ensuring that customer service is always at your fingertips. It can handle repetitive tasks, reducing costs and improving efficiency. Plus, it learns from every interaction, continually improving its ability to assist you.

We're excited about this collaboration with WonderChat and the benefits it will bring to our users. We believe this innovative solution will greatly enhance your experience with DWG FastView. Thank you for your continued support.

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