DWG FastView-measure commands-measure ID point

ID CAD desktop software, ID command can list the X value, Y value and Z value of a specified point and in DWG FastView, see following on how to measure ID point.


Step 1: click the “Measure” button and select the “ID Point” tool. A green circle with an arrowhead displays in the center of screen.

Step 2: press in the green circle and move, and make the arrowhead aligning to specified point.

Step 3: it displays the coordinates of specified point in current coordinate system. If there are more than one coordinate systems in the drawing, users could measure point coordinate value in different coordinate system by changing it.

Step 4: long press in the value box and choose "Copy" option to copy measure result.

Step 5: click “×” behind value box or “×” behind command prompts to end command.


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