DWG FastView measure commands: arc length, entity, angle, scale and share results

How to measure arc length


  1. click the “Measure” button and select the “Arc Length” tool, it displays the following panel by default:
  2. specify the start point of arc;
  3. indicate the end point of arc;
  4. confirm one point on the arc;
  5. it displays the following result on the panel: Arc radius, Total angle, Arc length, and Chord length. Long press in the value box and choose “Copy” option to copy measure result, click “×” behind value box or “×” behind command prompts to end command.

Entity: display attributes of selected object

The Entity command could display some attributes of selected objects. For example, when selected a line, it displays the length and angle of line.
You could select one line, one arc, one circle, or one polyline at a time.

How to measure angle


  1. Click the “Measure” button and select the “Angle” tool.
  2. Specify the first endpoint of the angle.
  3. Confirm the angle vertex.
  4. Indicate the second endpoint of the angle.
    The anle value displays from the first endpoint to the second endpoint in anticlockwise.

About scale factor

There are three scale factors: 1:1, 1:50, 1:100.
When opening a drawing in Model space, the scale factor is 1:1 by default.
When opening a drawing in paper space, it uses the sale factor of the first viewport in paper space by default.
Set current:
Click one factor to set it to be current scale factor in the list.
Add a scale factor:
Users could add a new scale factor by clicking “Add” button on the top right corner and entering a new scale factor in the dialog box.
Delete a scale factor:
Long pressing on a scale factor or sliding from right to left , it prompts to delete it.

Check and share the results

It displays the measurement result in order of measurement.

Tap on name to rename it.
Tap on the rubbish icon to delete the result.
Clear all:
Tap on “Clear all” icon to delete all measurement result.
Tap on “Export” icon and export current measurement result to a text file. It could be exported to a Simplified result or a Detailed result. The default name is .txt, and it could be renamed.

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