DWG FastView General commands: color, layout and visual style

In last post we introduced some general commands of dwg fastview, which is only a part, not the complete and today let's continue to  learn the general commands.


Only in Edit mode,  on the fourth from the right is the color command.

Step 1: click the“Color”tool, the color palette pops up, specify one color;
Step 2: specify one command to create an object, the color of the new object is the same as the specified one.


In view mode, on the third from the right is the layout command whereas in edit mode, it is on the 2nd from the right.

Step 1: click the “Layout” button to display different layouts;
Step 2: select one layout to display.

Visual style 2D/3D switch

2d/3d command is located on the same place of edit mode and view mode, that is, the rightmost.

Step 1: Click this button and displays four styles: 2D wireframe, 3D wireframe, Realistic, Hide. Click to switch the styles.
Step 2: You can edit the drawings under 2D wireframe model.
Step 3: Choose the other three 3D styles; you can have ten different viewpoints to view the model.

Generally you can open a 2D drawing in 2D wireframe style, and you could switch the visual style to be 3D.
A 3D drawing is opened in 3D style. It provides three kinds of 3D styles: 3D wireframe, Realistic, Hide.

For 3D wireframe: it displays 3D objects boundaries by lines and curves.

And 3D realistic: it displays 3D objects by smooth colors and materials.

3D hide: it displays 3D objects by wireframe. Wires in front is visible and in back is hidden.

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