DWG FastView facilitates online office without touch in COVID-19 pandemic

For several years, Gstarcad CAD has been deeply involved in online office and lightweight office, helping practitioners realize paperless operation of dwg/dxf drawings. Currently the covid-19 epidemic is not over yet, rational use of online office software can not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce the inconvenience of working from home and non-face-to-face office.

Opening drawings extremely fast and display perfectly

The mobile version of DWG FastView supports mobile phone and tablet installation, and can browse CAD drawings accurately and quickly, totally compatibly with Autocad; the software first creates cloud fonts, and the drawings are displayed without garbled characters, which brings the ultimate picture-viewing experience and solves office problems without computers or professional software. DWG FastView, whatever mobile version or PC version, even web version, is much lighter and cost-effective than Autocad or other cad lightweight softwares.

Share with ease and communication without barriers

Using DWG FastView, you can quickly share CAD drawings to your friends. CAD drawings saved locally can be directly shared with friends via Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook messenger, Telegram or WeChat. CAD drawings saved in the cloud can also be shared safely, ensuring the safety of the drawings. Under the circumstances, it is easy to share and make communication barrier-free.

Online office work anywhere any device

DWG FastView for Mobile supports open third-party software communication, cloud storage and other multi-channel drawings: Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook messenger, Telegram, email sharing, Google drive, OneDrive and other storage can be fully utilized. The unique cloud storage feature can upload drawings to the cloud for one-click synchronization, and the drawings can be synchronized in real time after modification.

It is contactless throughout the whole process and faciliates online office work. Download DWG FastView for trial or directly click the buy button below.

DWG FastView, buy 1 year & get 2 months more!

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