DWG FastView-Annotation commands

Annotation commands include Sketch, Arrow, Text, Revcloud, Recording(Audio record), Image, Leader, Line, Rectangle, and Ellipse.  For View mode, it is available to create and edit annotations. And in Edit mode, it is only available to view annotations.

In DWG FastView, the annotations are different from other graphic entities. They will be automatically saved after being created, and unnecessary to save by tapping on "Save" button. In local, if the drawing with annotations are modified, such as moving ,renaming, or if the drawing is shared, the drawing may not display annotations any longer.

To avoid missing annotations,

there are some information that may help you.

Tip 1: in order to avoid missing annotations that you added in drawing files,

it is recommended to upload files to My Cloud, and then open it in My Cloud and add annotations.

For example, if you want to add annotations to one drawing named A, please operate according to the following steps:

1: start DWG FastView app, and find drawing A, tap on "File Information" icon behind file name, and then you could find some buttons, including Share, Upload, and so on;

2: tap on "Upload" button, and then select the path to save it in My Cloud;

3: after uploading successfully, please turn back from "File Information" page, and enter My Cloud to find the drawing A you have just uploaded.

4: open drawing A and add annotations.

5: close drawing A, and the file status turns from green to red. Tap on red button to synchronize it, and the file in local and the one in My Cloud keep the same. After synchronized, its status turns from red to green again.

Tip 2: how many images could I add in one time?

It is available to add 10 images in one time.

Tip 3: What is the maximum length of recording?

It is better to be less than 60s.

Tip 4: Are the added annotations editable?

Of course. In Edit mode, tap on an annotation object, it displays tool bar for editing it. The tool bar is different according to what kinds of annotation selected.

Tip 5: if I want to view a drawing with annotation both on my phone and the pad, what should I do?

According to operations in Tip 1, firstly you should upload your drawings to My Cloud account, and add annotations to your drawing in My Cloud. When you want to view it, you could login in your account and open it.

Tip 6: if I want to share my drawing with annotations to my friends, what should I do?

According to operations in Tip 1, firstly you should upload your drawings to your My Cloud account. In My Cloud, long pressing on the file name, select "Share" button and set link validity period and visibility, and then select a way to share it.

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