DWG FastView für PC wird in Kürze veröffentlicht

Hello dear users, we are going to announce a good news about DWG FastView.

Next month we will release the DWG FastView for PC. You can use it on Windows and web browsers.

The same as DWG FastView for mobile, most of its features are free. But by then, you can use it on your PC, enjoying the lightweight CAD software.

If you have premium account in mobile DWG FastView, your premium account will be also in PC and web version. You can sync everything across mobile, PC and web.

If you are a free member, you can also login to your PC and web version. But please remember to register an account, then you can enjoy the premium features for a long time except bigger cloud storage and advertisement.

To celebrate the release of DWG FastView for PC, buy one year subscription and you will get additional 3 months premium(It was 12 months before but now you will have 15 months during the promotion period. The promotion will end soonest).



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16 Antwortet auf "DWG FastView for PC will be released soon"

  1. This application very useful, This good application... This application download only civil engineering work purpose...

  2. Aplikasi ini sangat bagus dan berguna untuk mendukung kinerja yang bergerak di construction... apalagi bisa diappload di PC...

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